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About myBSLbooks.com

Deaf children have very little access to books and stories in their first language, whether at home or at school. Lexicon | SignStream believes that such materials are an important resource for parents, children and teachers alike, and have made the production of signed books a priority.

We also believe that it's important for their use to be inclusive - i.e. that both D/deaf and hearing siblings and Deaf children within mainstream classes can use the same resource. To this end we have created an application that allows users to display BSL translation, book images, and English text together or in any combination (BSL alone, BSL with images, BSL with just English text and BSL with images and English text).

We are currently translating traditional and popular contemporary books and are in constant dialogue with numerous publishers to obtain the permissions necessary to sign their stories. This means we are adding more stories all the time!

If you have any requests for specific books to be translated, please e-mail us at mybslbooks@lexiconsignstream.com or click on suggest a story.


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